Tuesday, July 7, 2037

About Marathon//Max

Marathon//Max is a total conversion for Remedy's Max Payne 2 (MAX-FX) engine that introduces elements inspired by Bungie's Marathon games. This blog chronicles the progress of this game's development.

*Thus far, Marathon//Max includes level textures and some particle effects supplied by the Marathon community, and features unlicensed music by Psykosonik (Power of Seven), the artist responsible for the Marathon 2 and Infinity theme songs.

Answers to FAQS:

This mod does not have a specified release date, though it is expected to have a public release within the year.

A copy of Max Payne 2 is required to play the mod, but it is compatible with both the original retail version and the version available on Steam.

System requirements are likely to be slightly higher than Max Payne 2 due to the heavy use of particle effects.

The MAX-FX engine does not support multiplayer, so deathmatches will be single player VS bots only.

The game's scope has been reduced to a deathmatch mode and possibly scenario play.

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